Model Name: OPTIMA XD

    Manufacturer: SJE Corporation.

    Certifications: CE, SASO, INMETRO

    Manufacturing Origin: South Korea

    Factory: Busan, Korea

    Optima Steamer™ XD

    Optima Steamer™ XD is a better version of the Optima Steamer(TM) DMF. It is more convenient for function and use. For example, there is one emergency stop switch for safety. The size of tanks for water and fuel are increased. Also, it is so structurally convenient for maintenance. Its structure makes a user change the electric heater easily. Moreover, it has compact and good looking.


    Powerful Performance

    Its high-efficiency heating system contin-ues to provide sufficient and powerful steam during operation.

    Smart Control System

    A Built-in chip of Artificial intelligence operated by the internal CPU monitors and controls the mechanical and electrical operation of the machine.

    Multi-stage Safety Devices

    The safety devices alarm and control automatically in a low level of water and fuel, a pressure or temperature out of range, an abnormal flame detection and an overtime pump operation.

    Easy Maintenance

    Designed by professional engineers in the heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry, the machine has an advanced structure to facilitate maintenance and durability.

    Dry & Wet Steam

    It can regulate the humidity of the steam with a moisture control valve to make pure dry steam to heavy humid steam gradually.


    Automatic water filling no longer requires manual water supply.

    Sanitizing without Chemicals

    The “superheated steam” produced by Optima Steamer sanitizes ,disinfects and eliminates hazardous food-borne bacteria.

    Reduce your costs & Protect the Earth

    When you use it in your business, you do not need the permission to use it thanks to its low water consumption and wastewater-free.



    Operating Voltage1-Phase 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz1-Phase 220-240V3-Phase 200V ~ 600V3-phase 380 ~ 600V
    Operating Pressure8.5 bar
    Max Pressure9.5 bar
    Max. Temp. at Gun Tip135°C
    Boiler Temp.178°C174°C
    Flow Rate300~1,400 cc/min300~660 cc/min300~860 cc/min300~1,120 cc/min300~1,690 cc/min
    Preheating Time4 min21 min11 min8 min9 min
    Electrical Power0.3 KW5.2 KW12.2 KW18.2 KW27.2 KW
    Water Tank Capacity20ℓ40ℓ
    Fuel Tank Capacity20ℓ
    Fuel Consumption0~4 L/hr
    Net Weight86 kg74 kg74 kg74 kg83 kg
    Dimensions1,000 x 600 x 900mm
    Hoses/Guns Included2hoses, 2guns1hose, 1gun2hoses, 2guns
    Colors AvailableRed